New View of Addiction

cigarettesIn the past people have been placed in a position to feel shame. This is no longer the case with addiction. The physical damage and mental problems related to this is seen as the illness it always was. People with addictions are constantly working to achieve a feeling of euphoria. The initial high of a drug is rarely achieved. Nevertheless, the quest is continued. Any type of drug at any age can create a habit. Until underlying causes are addressed, the addict will have a difficult time solving the problem.

Drugs use is not the only addiction. Narconon Fresh Start helps with sex addictions, food addictions, gambling, shopping and the list goes on. Some addictions are fueled by fear and other motives. Counseling centers help people understand the things that drive them to participate in any form of reckless behavior. People feed an addiction regardless of any financial or physical dangers it may cause to them or those they love. These actions are taken even though they know it will be damaging. This is equivalent to jumping off a cliff knowing there is no net below, only jagged rocks. Counselor’s help people learn to control this impulse behavior.

This new counselor center offer addicts an alternative to the shelter of other addicts. The understanding given by these trained professionals gives those suffering from drug addiction, shopping or gambling addictions the courage to get help. Addiction is something that is not based upon how much money a person has to spend. Addictions are used to replace one problem for another. Most are unaware of the problem they are running away from but counselors can help discover underlying reasons behind abuse and help sufferers strike out on a road of healing.